Volusion eCommerce software is easy to use and has robust features. It offers administrative tools, strong security, marketing capabilities and online shopping features that draw in customers. The Volusion shopping cart offers a number of features that are of interest to businesses looking for an “optimizable” shopping cart. First, it allows users to customize meta tags, titles and alt tags easily through the use of form fields in the back-end. Volusion offers breadcrumb trails which are displayed using the categories and subcategories.

Volusion gives an online retailer every tool necessary to make a highly functional and sophisticated online store. Volusion is highly prototypical of a premium eCommerce platform. There are simpler online stores available for smaller merchants, but Volusion offers solutions for retailers of every size. Volusion’s strength is its wide support of a variety of features. It supports recurring transactions. It lets you enter manual transactions. It has a point of sale system for scanning UPC codes. It even offers a built-in affiliate program.

Store Develop: Helix Logix offers hundreds of high-quality free and premium design templates through Volusion. You’ll get a great looking, hassle-free eCommerce site. We can customize any template to meet your needs or if you’ve already got a special vision for a one-of-a-kind storefront, expert design team of Helix Logix would be happy to build you a custom website.We create detailed product listings with images, videos and more which prevent headaches by always knowing how many items you have in stock. Simply enter your product count and Volusion innovative tools will precisely monitor your inventory levels, even providing alerts when you’re running low.

Store Design: You only get one chance to wow shoppers that’s why making your storefront’s design extremely important.In this regard Helix Logix have provided you with tons of options to style your site, for any device – the only limit is your imagination through Volusion. Helix Logix provides eCommerce website which is fully compatible on any device from homepage to checkout using Volusion responsive templates with shoppers accessed store from smartphones, tablets and desktops, you can rest assured that your site will look flawless anytime, anywhere.

Marketing : Your customers can easily find your site across all major search engines by Helix Logix configured SEO features of Volusion.Volusion user-friendly CMS also auto-generates your sitemap and creates rich snippets to provide relevant information to search engines and users. You have the opportunity to reach even more shoppers by selling directly on major channels like Facebook, Amazon and eBay. We all know that customer ratings and reviews make a big impact on purchase decisions. To help your customers drive more sales to your store, you can easily encourage shoppers to leave favorable reviews and comments for your products and add star ratings using features of Volusion which configured by Helix Logix.

E-Commerce: Your products serve as the bread and butter of your online store – upload your items, create categories and merchandise your products with just a few clicks. Manage your entire product catalog with sophisticated tools of Volusion customized by Helix Logix such as pricing controls, stock counts, multiple sizes and colors and much more. Merchandise your products like a world-class retailer with practical selling tools of Volusion which can be provided by Helix Logix. Quickly review details, process orders in bulk and even handle returns through your admin. We,Helix logix make it easy to handle your orders so you can focus on growing your store using Volusion features.

Secure Hosting: Your customers’ sensitive information is safe and sound in highly sophisticated data center of Volusion which can be customized by Helix logix. Your Volusion store is PCI certified thanks to Volusion’s best-in-class security measures. Each year Volusion go through a rigorous, independent audit to prove that their infrastructure is in tip-top shape. To ensure that your customers’ most important data travels safely across the information superhighway, you’ll need an SSL certificate to process orders.That’s why Helix logix helps you to have Volusion’s highly secure, 128-bit encryption SSL certificates for a fraction of the price.Helix Logix feels that Your online store can’t make money if it isn’t functioning properly, as a result Helix logix offer you a 99.9% uptime guarantee through Volusion.

Other Features: Helix logix prepared Volusion store can fully merchandise client’s products with unlimited photos and videos that brilliantly showcase all the colors, sizes and textures available for an item.We have a full team of in-house design and marketing experts that offer eCommerce services to better help you design and market your online store. Expanding your online business takes more than just setting up your store, which is why we’ve built a comprehensive eCommerce blog for your benefit. We have all of your domain name needs covered, we provide all types of help to transfer your existing domain or pick up a new one. Helix Logix configured Volusion store can connect your business with tons of popular business applications, including QuickBooks, Mailchimp and Doba to make everyday operations easier than ever.