Shopify is a complete eCommerce solution that allows merchants to set up an online store to sell their goods. It lets merchants organize their products, customize their storefront, accept credit card payments, track & respond to orders, and many more. Shopify is a web based eCommerce software. This means there’s no installation required and it works with all operating systems. Shopify reports that it has 200,000 merchants using its platform, with total gross merchandise volume exceeding $10 billion.

Storefront: Helix Logix customizes theme for clients Storefront including mobile commerce shopping cart so that customers can browse and buy using any mobile phone or tablet. Attractive Storefronts which provided by Helix Logix, can increase sale of Merchants.

Shopping Cart: Last few years Helix Logix configured several Shopping Carts of Shopify for clients. Thus Helix Logix became skilled provider in this arena. Helix Logix can prepare secure shopping cart which accepts credit cards with shopify.Helix Logix provides flexible shipping rates and automatic taxes through Shopify shopping cart.

Store Management: Helix Logix specially expert on Store Management. We help clients to have their own profile in Shopify to Manage their store. In this regard Helix Logix create Customer accounts,Customer groups ,Email templates and connect their store to fulfillment solutions.

Marketing & SEO: Search engine optimized store can boost up sell of a Shopify store. Helix Logix offers Generated sitemap, Discount codes and coupons, Gift cards, Social media integration, Product reviews, Email marketing and Sell on Facebook of Shopify store. Helix Logix optimizes product pages of Shopify store for search engines with product specific meta tags, titles, and URL handles.

Products: Helix Logix manages inventory with Shopify for their client. Helix Logix helps clients to offer different variations of their products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, and more through their Shopify store. Helix Logix organizes products by category, type, season, sale, and more and use smart collections to automatically sort products based on vendor, price, and inventory level of client’s Shopify store.

Web Hosting: Helix Logix helps clients to backup Business information, including products, customers, orders, and inventory in secure data centers every day through Shopify. Helix Logix guides clients to have a domain name with Shopify so that they can receive unlimited email forwarding and have email addresses like

Analytics: Helix Logix provides an actionable dashboard of clients sales, orders, and traffic that helps clients to make the right choices for their business using Shopify. Reports can be exported for further analysis in favorite spreadsheet tool, or can be sent to bookkeeper or accountant. Helix Logix also provides Google Analytics,Traffic and Referral reports through Shopify. So that clients can track where their visitors come from, and how they found their online store.

Shopify Mobile: Order fulfillment, Mobile dashboard, Manage inventory and Email or call to customers all services are provided by Helix Logix through Shopify Mobile App. As a result client can Capture payments and fulfill orders right from their phone and sends shipping notifications from the post office. Client can add products, take a product photo, change a price, or manage inventory – all from their phone. Even they can look up customer profiles and instantly reach out through email or phone.