Channel Advisor

ChannelAdvisor provides cloud-based eCommerce software solutions and publishes widely followed e-commerce sales data. ChannelAdvisor connects its retail customers with new and existing sources of demand for their products, including e-commerce marketplaces, such as eBay,, and Newegg, as well as digital marketing channels, such as Google, Bing, NexTag, Facebook and Pinterest. NetSuite and Best Buy are among some of the more notable companies that ChannelAdvisor has formed partnerships with. ChannelAdvisor has set the global standard for eCommerce optimization by providing best-in-class technology, strategic services and thought leadership to help retailers and branded manufacturers master the complexity of connecting with consumers online.

Organize Product Information: Helix Logix maps products using a single, category-specific template to define what product data gets sent to a marketplace. Helix Logix prepares store so that your product information match to each marketplace’s format. Helix Logix transforms your product data for each channel without manually adjusting each item using ChannelAdvisor. We also groups multiple SKUs and expand your Bundle options with choices like size, color and more through ChannelAdvisor.

Multitask on Multiple Marketplaces: Helix Logix lists the same product quantity across every marketplace, determines the advertised quantity and use buffers to control it, removes products immediately (and make sure they’re not listed again) when inventory goes out of stock or runs low through ChannelAdvisor. Helix Logix also tracks stock levels at each fulfillment center, whether you use your own warehouse, fulfillment by Amazon or a third party, sets duration, frequency, type, quantity and relist frequency for each listing, classifies your products automatically to fit each marketplace’s specifications with the help of ChannelAdvisor.

Reprice Strategically: Helix Logix helps you to automatically monitor the pricing landscape for your catalog around the clock and responds to changes immediately, prioritize pricing changes based on best sellers, generate (and tests) repricing rules by product type, brand, length in warehouse and more, segment pricing strategies for seller-fulfilled and Fulfillment by Amazon, compare against competitors, learn from historical pricing data using ChannelAdvisor.

Manage Orders: Helix Logix prepared store fulfills orders efficiently and improve the buyer’s post-sale experience, route orders based on their source and fulfill them according to your strategy, cut shipping costs and delivery time, monitor orders through the fulfillment cycle and use analytics to improve your process, detect orders from the same eBay buyers to save on shipping costs and deliver the right message for each order through ChannelAdvisor.

Turn Insights into Action: Helix Logix helps client to gain insights about performance and account standing on multiple marketplaces, to create a customized view of trends and reports by adding more than two dozen widgets, to get details on transactional data by day, week, month or quarter, so client can compare sales and trends across marketplaces and your webstore through ChannelAdvisor. Helix Logix sources products strategically with detailed information on recent sales of each product, keeps accurate profit and loss records, schedules product listings based on performance, so that top-performing products are always visible to shoppers using ChannelAdvisor. Helix Logix guides client to improve their Amazon strategies with targeted insights on inventory, product performance, pricing, listing quality, fulfillment and more and optimize their eBay performance with insights on data quality, item specifics, image and UPC recommendations and more using ChannelAdvisor.

Digital Marketing: Helix Logix helps client through ChannelAdvisor so that they Don’t have to waste time building a new campaign structure whenever they add new products or devices and they use cross-channel analytics and performance-by-device reporting to gain that extra advantage over their competitors in Google Shopping.

Paid Search: Search is complicated. Retail is complicated. Therefore, ChannelAdvisor focus on three things to make your life easier: efficiency, conversion and optimization. ChannelAdvisor tools are designed to work the way retail marketers work and streamline the routine. ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing uses your inventory product feed as a source of truth for product attributes, stock status and prices. Helix Logix helps to have dynamically generates keywords and ad copy, keeps ad status in sync with stock, provides robust keyword-discovery tools and in-depth performance metrics across tracked channels and devices. In the fast-paced, constantly changing world that is retail, efficiency is critical. Conversion is king here.To convert more, you need robust keyword coverage. Therefore, Helix Logix provide ChannelAdvisor created tools to help you expand the query variations that have proven successful. We can also help you identify negative keywords that are detracting from your performance.

Comparison Shopping Engine: Comparison shopping engines (CSEs) play a pivotal role in an online shopper’s path to purchase. They attract savvy consumers who are researching and deal hunting — and are often ready to buy. They can also drive brand awareness and influence the top of your sales funnel, providing that extra push toward your website or making that display ad resonate even more. Think of them like that flexible, supportive, good-natured player that everyone wants on their (digital marketing) team. You don’t have to managing a separate product feed for every single CSE. With ChannelAdvisor business rules, lookup lists and templates Helix logix help you to be able to automate — instead of scrambling.

Social Commerce: Sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Wanelo, Houzz and Polyvore have become valuable tools for online customers looking to get inspired, share favorite products with friends and even make purchases. Helix logix prepare your store so that ChannelAdvisor Social Commerce lets you share, promote and test products on popular social sites, using just a single feed. Stop worrying that social shoppers will click through to your site only to find an out-of-stock product. Helix Logix will make sure your product information is up to date and consistent across all channels through ChannelAdvisor .

Connecting Brands and Retailers: A consumer comes to your website to learn about your products. They find a product they like. Problem is, you don’t sell directly to consumers. So where do they go next? ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy is the first step in a healthy eCommerce strategy for branded manufacturers. One simple widget can provide a seamless bridge from your website to your preferred resellers which can be configured by Helix logix. As a result, you’ll give shoppers a clear, linear path for purchasing your products.