PrestaShop is a free, open source eCommerce solution. The software is published under the Open Software License (OSL). PrestaShop provides more than 250,000 online store owners with the most powerful, dynamic and international eCommerce software enriched with hundreds of innovative tools to build and manage a successful online store at no cost. PrestaShop is simple, efficient and intuitive with unmatched power that enables users to thrive in a competitive market regardless of size, industry or revenue. By offering both, a flexible Open source and a user-friendly cloud-hybrid eCommerce solution completely for free, PrestaShop has removed the financial and technical barriers of starting an online business.

Used in over 200 countries and partnered with the most renowned names in the industry, PrestaShop continues to revolutionize online retail with technology that increases sales and maximizes visibility. Working hand in hand with its growing community of more than 850,000 dedicated members, PrestaShop’s entrepreneurial team is made up of eCommerce enthusiasts that are committed to the success and profitability of their online merchants.

PrestaShop provides a basic responsive theme by default. Users can install or develop their own themes which change the display of the website without altering its content.Add-on modules extends the software built-in functionalities. Users may install modules directly within the software administration panel or develop their own.

PSD TO PrestaShop : Out of the many different kinds of eCommerce solutions, PrestaShop is considered as one of the most preferred by web owners today. By employing a PrestaShop theme, a particular web store will look presentable enough to drive more sales for the owner. There are certain types of templates for it and they include premium templates, custom templates, and free templates. In the world of PrestaShop development, many businessmen believe that it is the premium type which makes the most economical and effective type of template to be used on a site. Basically, a premium theme renders functionality in many ways as well as making the entire process time-efficient. PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce solution that is designed to offer excellent quality services over popular CMS and web applications. Helix Logix professionals who convert the PSD files to PrestaShop , have skills and experience in web communication. Additionally, they have received training from Adobe Macromedia and Microsoft via hands on experience.

Store Builder: The only eCommerce solution that lets you enjoy hundreds of rich features and manage unlimited products and data, all for free. Helix Logix developed PrestaShop web store highlight sales, marketing campaigns and other promotions with customizable banners for each of your pages. Display a confirmation screen with complementary products for quick and effective cross-selling. Helix Logix developed PrestaShop store offer your customers accessible navigation with customization options and professional design.

Shopping Cart : Shopping Cart Choose from over 50 world-class payment solutions and gateways. PrestaShop accept direct payments including all major credit and debit cards, e-checks, gift cards and more. Offer customers everywhere reliable shipping, by installing all the carriers and zones you need. Control logistic details, such as fees by weight, as well as discounts, directly from your back office. PrestaShop’s advanced tracking system detects where customers are located and automatically calculates their local tax rate. Helix Logix can customize your checkout funnel to deliver an effortless shopping experience. PrestaShop increase customer satisfaction with tools for return management, client account creation and order modification. Provide great customer service with a centralized customer management system.

Prestashop Mobile : Prestashop Mobile store increase customer satisfaction with tools for return management, client account creation and order modification. Provide great customer service with a centralized customer management system.Your default template comes with a built-in mobile-optimized shopping cart – your store will display beautifully on every device, and your customers will be able to browse and purchase anytime, anywhere. Helix Logix prepared Prestashop Mobile store can engage and convert more shoppers on mobile and tablet devices with a quick and seamless mobile checkout experience. Easily manage your entire online store from your mobile device, thanks to a fully responsive back office. Stay connected to your business, even when you’re on-the-go. Leave a great impression and convert more mobile visitors into customers with a customized mobile app.

Ecommerce-SEO : Advanced, built-in SEO features like customizable meta titles, meta descriptions and URLs make it easy to soar to the top of search results and attract new customers. Unlike other solutions, PrestaShop integrates powerful search engine optimization features right into your online store. Helix Logix understands the importance of ranking high on search results, so we’ve made it easy to customize your meta titles and meta descriptions and to create SEO-friendly URLs. Dozens of SEO modules of Helix logix prepared Prestashop store take full control of your business traffic. Give your store maximum visibility with modules that prevent duplicate content, optimize landing pages, help with internal linking and much more. With its semantic markup, PrestaShop is fully compliant. That means search engines like Google automatically understand price, currency, availability, ratings, customer reviews and related items information for each of your product pages. PrestaShop is the first shopping cart in the industry to natively integrate the semantic, helping you gain unparalleled visibility and traffic.

Customization Service: Helix Logix handles PrestaShop customization at all scales and it doesn’t matter whether you are a small business owner with a small portfolio and corresponding PrestaShop website components or have large inventory of components on your PrestaShop website. Helix Logix’s experienced PrestaShop team is deft in digging deep and finding the most optimized approaches to customize your PrestaShop website as per your expectations so that you still continue to enjoy a lighter on the infrastructure and hence your pocket website. We also offer services that would allow you to scale up your PrestaShop website by embedding design and market differentiators in your web site while retaining its core them and value proposition.

Helix Logix is one of the niche vendors who have an in-house team of PrestaShop developers who have extensive experience with performing PrestaShop customization service for PrestaShop websites which deals with edits on the PrestaShop core files to enhance the website look and feel, functionality, portability and overall value to your customers. We do not believe in jumping into code customization and optimization for each of your requests in order to generate a large invoice. Our core value has always been to establish a symbiotic relationship with our clients, and this reflects in our two-pronged approach towards PrestaShop website customization as well

At times our client requests deal with enhancing the existing website components that require front end UI based edits and do not translate to code based changes. We ensure that our UI design sub-team of PrestaShop team completes a comprehensive assessment of your PrestaShop based website and works on your request as well as providing constructive feedback on what other UI-based changes might enhance your website’s market value quotient.

A few client requests are more complex as they deal with introducing new elements in the website which is not feasible by only tinkering with the front end UI. In such cases, we engage both the UI design and PrestaShop developers to make the code changes while evaluating the impact on front end UI at every step of the way. Our core team of PrestaShop experts also optimizes the entire website code on request so that you can get enhanced output and low response time from your PrestaShop website.

Module Development: Helix Logix PrestaShop development team has deep experience in developing a variety of PrestaShop modules ranging from simple website components to elaborate billing modules that integrates with your website seamlessly. With more than 5 years of PrestaShop module development service under our belt our team of PrestaShop developers is well positioned to create a highly functional, effective and most importantly customer centric PrestaShop website to support and propel client’s business growth.

We focus on maintaining 100% PrestaShop compatibility as our highest priority compliance goal, we understand your significant investment in this platform and our PrestaShop developers are well versed with churning out custom modules that are fully compatible with PrestaShop standards so that the end product is of the highest quality. PrestaShop puts very powerful technology and corresponding components in your hands as a business user, and we are committed to putting the same to the best use possible by creating effective, creative, optimized and homogeneous PrestaShop modules.

While there are a plethora of PrestaShop modules such as Amazon marketplace module, SEO expert module, advanced search module, newsletter module and so on we do not believe in throwing together dozen of them to make a bad tasting dish for you. PrestaShop Team starts with conducting a thorough study of your requirements, business, and the allied industries so that we can pick and recommend best of the batch when it comes to PrestaShop module development service. We are also experienced in customizing modules to create PrestaShop module that act as highly cohesive units of your website and ensure that the overall interface and experience is seamless and enriching.

With demonstrated competence in developing PrestaShop modules with reference to the complete range offered by PrestaShop right from back office to frontend modules. Each of the modules offer a unique value proposition in terms of establishing a strong and effective foundation for your website right to delivering a knock off surfing and online purchasing experience for your customers. PrestaShop has always been known to deliver a unique experience and overarching value proposition and the ability to effectively utilize the PrestaShop module development service powered by an experienced and skilled PrestaShop team can create unparalleled market differentiators for your business.

Theme Development : Helix Logix strives hard to develop easy to manage, impressive designs, user friendly interface, SEO friendly and special themes. The code work is done in a clean manner to manage any sort of changes, to the design and look of the overall theme, later on. We can design even the most challenging themes, as our developers are well-trained and qualified. Our Prestashop theme development service standard is well maintained to create unique theme solutions. We want your websites to be fast and that is why the idea of developing lightweight themes is followed strictly. No one fancies waiting for several minutes for a website to display its content. So that is why, we have intuitive and sleek interfaces ready for you.

If you are building your PrestaShop website from scratch and looking for a developer or company to build a specific custom PrestaShop theme best suitable for your business, we are the one you are looking for! We have more than 5 years experience of building PrestaShop themes. We can build PrestaShop themes as provided design (PSD) or we can design the theme as per your choice/requirements and convert the design into a real functional Prestashop theme. Our themes are all-time mobile friendly and SEO optimized. If you have an existing website with un-responsive theme (not mobile friendly), our experienced PrestaShop developers will help to make it fully responsive that means your website will display perfect on all devices/different sizes of screen. We are also available for building responsive PrestaShop theme from scratch.

You have a PrestaShop website with theme installed but your theme design or its features aren’t 100% what you want. We can help you to make customization to existing theme in order to meet your needs. Building PrestaShop themes is pretty easy for a web developer but building a standard PrestaShop theme is a real challenge. Helix Logix is one of the top PrestaShop development companies who have more than 5 years experience of building PrestaShop themes, which totally meet official PrestaShop theme standards. All PrestaShop themes we build from the old 1.4.x to the current/latest 1.6.x version are fully responsive. So you don’t have to worry about how your customers are browsing your website. No matter what they use either a smart phones, tablets, personal computers or any other devices, our website still displays well. We always make sure your themes are totally compatible with any kind of web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE8, IE9, IE10 and others. All HTML tags, CSS, Javascript, images and other elements are fully optimized for SEO. This will help you to position your Prestashop website at top of the SERP of Google and all the other search engines. As all the elements are highly optimized, each theme developed by Helix Logix runs speedily. This will tend your customers not to leave the site because of having problem in loading site that they often face while browsing other sites.

Maintenance and Upgrade: Our maintenance and upgrade service includes upgrading your PrestaShop website and modules to the latest PrestaShop versions, reducing your PrestaShop website loading time upto the lower extent, setting-up SEO and optimization, and making your website 100% mobile friendly. Helix Logix also helps you to ensure all your PrestaShop modules and features are working well as designed or build new advanced modules/features to your existing PrestaShop website. We have an experienced PrestaShop team who can handle the matters for you in flawless manner. By keeping your PrestaShop and its entire modules version up-to-date, you can enjoy the latest functions and features, fix bugs and remain protected against various security threats. We can say that you have no reason, to not to take advantage of our PrestaShop maintenance and upgrade service. Helix logix makes sure that the right upgrade procedure is used to install the latest version. During the PrestaShop upgrade all of the outdated modules are re-installed. This step helps in making the PrestaShop website faster than ever before.

During PrestaShop maintenance and upgrade process, our PrestaShop developers make sure that the system runs in a smooth manner, all PrestaShop modules and features will be checked and ensured they are 100% working as how they should be. If we see any bugs with your modules and features we will fix them immediately to make sure this doesn’t affect your online customers. We are also able to build new advanced modules/features to your PrestaShop website, to make it a most powerful website for your business.

During maintenance and upgrade service, we will check and optimize all elements on your PrestaShop website to make sure it’s running at highest speed that your server actual configuration allows. Another reason for speeding up your PrestaShop website is its specific feature that improves your website rank on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So this is the important thing you need to do in order to attract more online customers.